Surely you’re wonderful Mr. Feynman!

Yesterday I was trying to understand Aspect’s experiment after reading the third chapter of Brian Green’s The fabric of the cosmos. I Googled; I knew I would get some help like my high school teacher said, “…even when your keys are lost”. There was a well known name hanging between some never heard highly intricate phenomena of quantum mechanics in the search result. It was not Einstein or Bohr or Heisenberg, actually it was ‘Feynman’ which dragged me in. I was in high school when I first came to know this name. I knew nothing about his contribution; I knew he was a big figure in quantum mechanics, thats all!

 Back then I bought a book( Surely You Are Joking Mr. Feynman!) about him.  It was not because I was impressed by how much I had known about him but because somebody who was holding  Feynman’s lecture series recommended me saying, “Oh! that’s really amazing book, if you are interested in physics then go forward!.” I bought that book because I was “interested in physics” and I think that was a valid reason then. The book was written in a very simple language; except in a  few occasions I did not even seek help from dictionary. It was perfect story telling. I felt like watching a really impressive and equally humorous biography of some genius. Mr. Feynman was really something different, something like I always wanted to be. The book explained his curious childhood and the accomplishments that followed . I remember, I was totally engulfed in the book- it took just two shots for a lazy reader like me. Later, I came to know that actually the book was written by Mr. Feynman’s colleagues(?) referring  to the recorded conversations with him. I think that was the reason why I felt (might be) like someone ( Dr. Feynman himself) was explaining everything to me.  The book never touched any core physics or mathematics concepts except naming them once in a while. And after reading the book I was in a position to change the recommender’s statement to – ,”…If you are interested in adventure, then go forward!” I think Mr. Feynman  is an inspiration for everybody not only the people who “like physics”.

Sorry, I wander around pulling my memories. Lets come to the point. The website I entered into was titled Cosmolearning and contained lectures from variety of subjects. The specific lecture I was pulled into was, “Richard Feynman Messenger Lectures: The Character of Physical Law”. It is a series of lectures given by himself, Dr. Feynman at Cornell University. It has eighteen 9 minutes parts and it’s worth watching. If you enjoy one of the lecture then you could not stop watching all of them ( thats what I did). The way he entertains his audience clearly explains Dr. Richard P. Feynman was not only a theoretical physicists but also an wonderful lecturer.

Here are the lectures:








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